Simplyhealth/CIPD line managers guide - how to help your team thrive at work

When your team’s happy, healthy and engaged in their work, they’re more likely to meet their goals and help you to meet yours. So what can you do to minimise some of the key triggers for workplace stress that could be holding you and your team back?


What should be in a line manager’s wellbeing toolkit

Line managers play a crucial role in ensuring employees stay healthy and feel well. It’s imperative for businesses to train those on the frontline, and with this in mind, we’ve identified the five essential elements of a line manager’s wellbeing toolkit.

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Supporting line managers in the workplace

50% of organisations in our 2019 CIPD/Simplyhealth Health and Well-being Report said managers have been trained to manage stress, with half bought into the importance of well-being. Explore more key stats from the research in this video.

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Line managers guide - how to help your team thrive at work

Research shows that the most common causes of stress at work are heavy workloads and management style. Download our guide to learn how you can help your team thrive at work.

And when you look at the other causes of workplace stress, such as organisational change, pressure to meet targets and lack of support from line managers, it’s clear to see the important role you play.

This will guide you how to:

  • Get to know your team better.
  • Lead by example to promote healthy working habits.
  • Review job design and workloads.
  • Assess your management style.
  • Help make sure stress doesn’t get in the way of success.
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