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Maintaining everyday wellbeing and performance for business

Humans break. Working 9–5 has become 24 x 7, work anywhere has become work everywhere and technology is still accelerating. Work and life pressures make people ill, and, even for caring employers, illness isn’t good for business.

Maintaining a healthy, productive workforce therefore requires business planning. Not just insurance or an optional benefits plan – proactively supporting employee wellbeing has become a business necessity.

Download this guide to support your organisation in building a business case for a healthy workforce or to build on the health and wellbeing benefits you already offer.

Our award-winning health and dental plans are trusted by companies like yours.

How can Simplyhealth help your business perform well?


What is a health cash plan?

Corporate health and dental plans enable your employees to claim back the costs of everyday healthcare, for a regular, monthly premium.

Employees can claim for visits to an optician, physiotherapist, chiropodist, emergency care from the dentist, and more.

It's not just a benefit for a rainy day, our plans support you and your employees to see and feel the benefits all year round.

There are different types of funding methods available to suit companies of all sizes and structures, including company paid, as a flexible benefit and salary deduct.


Benefits to your business

Health plans:

  • Money back towards everyday healthcare costs
  • 24/7 telephone access to GMC registered, NHS-practising GP services
  • Employee assistance programme, offering advice and counselling
  • Expert health information
  • Lifestyle benefits, including discounts at over 3,000 gyms
  • Online health evaluation tools

Denplan dental plans:

  • Denplan Discount Network - discounted dental treatment nationwide
  • Online claims; quick and easy reimbursement of dental costs
  • Balance the cost of regular check-ups and more costly treatment


What Simplyhealth does

Simplyhealth has been providing cost-effective, accessible, manageable health cash plans for over 100 years.

Our market-leading products help businesses demonstrate real commitment to the maintenance of their employees’ health, wellbeing and everyday performance.

By repaying the costs of employees’ medical check-ups, appointments and associated treatments, employees are more likely to take better care of themselves amidst the increasing pressures of everyday work and life.

And if your people continue to perform well physically, mentally and financially, so does your business.


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